GET EDUCATION TRUST was founded in the year 2014 by Sathish, who is a teacher by profession; and who also owns/manages the Kalashetra Guest House in Tiruvannamalai. Most of the revenues from Guest House are used to carry out the projects and various other charitable activities of Get Education Trust.

Get Education Trust supports students who are orphans, partial orphans (meaning one of the two parents is living), and also students living in poverty.

These students are very much interested in their studies, but they are not able to meet the expenses involved in this endeavor because their parents/guardians are unable to provide the funds for their school education. We identified some of them and decided to sponsor these students for their studies. We take care of their medical expenses whenever needed, and additionally – twice a year - we provide each student with two new sets of clothes; a gift given with much love!

Get Education Trust has successfully run a free study centre for the past four years. The children come to study at this centre every evening under the care of a female teacher.

There is also a free library available which has at its disposal around 800 books that are useful for academia and various competitive post-graduate placement exams. Get Education Trust carries out its school sponsorship programme in Chengam Village, Tiruvannamalai - District of Tamilnadu, India. All the beneficiaries of this project are from the remote villages in and around Chengam. GET supports 43 students in this programme - including two university students: one studying engineering and one studying nursing; the remaining are drawn from Grades 1-12.

Get Education Trust is also undertaking development projects for widows and elderly women and tree plantation projects.